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Happy Birthday Mom!

Carolyn & LaurenToday, my mom celebrates her birthday.  For this occasion, I am writing her a thank you note.

Dear Mom,

Your move to our neck of the woods almost 2 years ago has been one of the best decisions we have made.  I want to let you know how appreciative I am of your help everyday.

Every time (which is a lot) I call you to come over, I am so grateful you are here.  Every time you fix a delicious favorite recipe, I am grateful you are here.  And every time we have a great conversation over a cup of coffee, I am grateful you are here.

I know that making the decision to make such a drastic move was scary, but I am so glad you did.  We are “freakishly linked” and I have a hard time imagining our day to day life without you in it.

Thank you for the little things: taking Tater Tot to reading circle, folding laundry for me, proofreading my blog posts and my pieces of chocolate after lunch.  It’s those small gestures that make a huge impact for me!

We are on this amazing journey together, learning more about each other every day and I really can’t wait to see where it takes us, but I am definitely going to enjoy the ride.  Thank you for your help and your guidance.  I hope you have a wonderful birthday and many more!!

Love, Lauren

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