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6 For 60

Birthday cupcakesI celebrated my 60th birthday this week!  And it was a day filled with messages, texts, calls and cards.  My sister treated me to fun gifts arriving through the mail, creating that fun moment of anticipation and my daughter, my beautiful daughter, wrote me a heartfelt letter, painted me some happy pictures and treated me to dinner.  Her hubby provided chauffeur service (which I like – it gives us time to talk – just the two of us), my grandson showered me with kisses and Lauren made me homemade cupcakes.  There was no way I could feel grumpy about 60 with all these wonderful moments of love!

Lauren and I were laughing and talking…turning 60, joking about those tweaky little things that age can alter (Case in point?  I was attempting to exit my son-in-law’s truck when I realized I was still buckled in.  I told him…this is NOT because I’m 60!  He just laughed.) when Lauren suggested I list 60 life lessons.  60?!!  If I wrote 60 then I know I failed about 50 of those!  So I’m trading those 60 for 6.  A lesson for a decade…

  1. Be sure life includes time for play!  We learn when we play.  Creativity occurs when we play.  We play as children and we need to spend time playing as adults.
  2. Take some time to explore, have an adventure, push a little out of that comfort zone.  We get to know ourselves, our boundaries, our values when we push ourselves a bit.  We don’t necessarily have to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to accomplish our adventure but head those toes out and take a few extra steps.
  3. Don’t stop learning. And don’t stop laughing.  Life stays interesting, we stay interesting when we learn and laugh!
  4. Decide to live a tad smaller than what can be afforded and put the difference in the bank.  Big or small, it adds up over time.
  5. Family, friends and experiences are much more important than things.  Hugs, listening and sharing warm the heart and fill the soul.  A steaming pot of homemade soup and good conversation makes life just about perfect!
  6. Leave room for change.  Circumstances change.  Sometimes we welcome the change, sometimes we don’t.   And we sometimes hold on too tight.  So breathe deep, relax those shoulders, be grateful for this moment and accept it as it is.

Is this a list of would’ve, should’ve, could’ve?  Nope.  Merely a list of realizations.  Or dare I say…with a little age comes wisdom?!!  Either way, as I look back I choose not to focus on regrets or mistakes but instead allow life to create joy and anticipation for today and tomorrow.  Turning 60?  A beautiful experience!

“You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.”  George Burns

xo, Carolyn     


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