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A Simple Toddler Birthday

BirthdayThis weekend we will be celebrating Tater Tot’s 2nd birthday!  I truly can’t believe how quickly the time has passed.  But, time seems to fly even more quickly when it comes to party planning.  Last year we had lots of people and lots of fun, but I was doing a lot of prep work at the last minute.  This year we decided to keep the party simple and small and next year it may be even smaller.  We’ll see…

Here’s the plan for celebrating year 2:

  • 20 people maximum guest list.  We kept the list to close family and a couple of long time friends.  It kept a lot of the extras to a minimum.
  • We are having the party before lunch.  This will still allow Tater Tot to have his afternoon nap (and very possibly one for me too) when the party is over.
  • Simple food.  Having the party earlier in the day allows me to keep the menu on the lighter side.
  • Stay home.  I completely understand the convenience of having the party somewhere else, but this keeps the extra cost down.
  • Simple decorations.  This year I am only doing a couple of things to decorate and reusing some of my items from last year.

I always enjoy the parties but I also look forward to the day when we can gift experiences to Tater Tot instead of what sometimes feel like productions.  However, whether we have 5 people or 25 people, this particular day is about so much more than the party.  My beautiful boy came into this world 2 years ago and I will always love celebrating that.

How do you celebrate your children’s birthdays?  Does anyone have suggestions for experience ideas for when they are older?

xo, Lauren

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