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Spring Cleaning – Part 2

spring cleaningThere is history to this practice of spring cleaning.  Many civilizations and religions practiced the art of deep cleaning in the spring, tying it to their holiday practices or religious observances.  For whatever reason, the idea was to clean out, sweep out and move out the dirt and dust in order to make ready for a special event.  In our more recent industrialized west women cleaned out their homes (and yes, it was women’s work) after a winter of burning coal or wood in homes that were kept closed for warmth.  Lingering soot was a dirty problem so once spring arrived – clean the house – top to bottom!  Since we don’t have to mandatorily burn coal or wood for warmth anymore, our homes are not nearly as dirty at the end of winter as they once were, but our homes have been closed up and consequently, even today, they can still use an extra touch of freshening up.  In addition to Lauren’s ideas for getting rid of the cobwebs and dirt and providing a fresh feel to our homes, I offer up the following:

  1. If you have a curtain(s) in the kitchen – wash it.  It wouldn’t hurt to wash all the curtains in the house but this particular curtain has been absorbing all the minuscule elements from your family’s hearty winter meals.  It is time to release the grime and begin fresh for spring.
  2. Move your sofa from its normal perch and sweep or vacuum its honored spot on your floor.  There has been a lot of sofa sitting going on through the winter months…and snacking…so there are crumbs to clean up.
  3. Clean your ceiling fans.  I know, they’ve not been in use (unless you are one that reverses the flow of air in order to push warm air down) but they have been sitting there all winter long, just catching those flying dust particles.  So before you turn them on, give them a wipe.  That way the dust doesn’t blow down on you and family.

We may not need to clean like our mothers or our grandmothers anymore, but houses do still get dirty.  A good clean as the days begin to get longer and the warm air finally returns is a great way for us to embrace our homes.  In the words of Jane Austen, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”   Happy cleaning!

xo, Carolyn

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