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Coffee & a Book: The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train

We are avid readers here at Small Town Simple and we love to discuss our current books: good, bad, and everything in between.  Put us in the middle of a bookstore and we will find something that we need to read.  We want to create a discussion with our readers about our latest books, so feel free to join the conversation.  Oh and our interests pretty much run the gamut, so don’t hold back on any possible suggestions.

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I absolutely love finding a new book by a new author.  Especially when the book becomes a real page turner.

The Girl on the Train: A Novel by Paula Hawkins was one such book.  Written from three female perspectives, this thriller kept a good pace and had me questioning everyone towards the end.

Set in contemporary England, three women become entangled in a tale of lies, alcohol, adultery and murder.  Questions swirl about those involved and who can actually be trusted.  The issue of trust is a huge aspect of the book.  Certain memories can’t be trusted and certain people can’t be trusted.  Several of the characters, including the main characters, all have questionable attributes that don’t give them much reliability.  Therefore causing a real lack of trust for each one of them from the reader.  This was definitely an exciting piece of the book for me.

I really enjoyed the three aspects and how each one ultimately intersected with the others.  I think Paula did a great job developing each person and their story.  She maintained my curiosity and I had a very hard time putting the book down towards the end.

If you are looking for an entertaining novel with some intrigue and suspense, the I definitely recommend The Girl on the Train: A Novel.

xo, Lauren

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