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backyard travelThe everyday kindness of the back roads more than makes up for the acts of greed in the headlines.  Charles Kuralt

By the end of February, we North Texans had experienced a touch of winter.  Some ice, some snow and things closed down.  And it did not take long for comments like, “bring on Spring!”, “I can’t wait for Spring”, “Remind me not to complain when it gets hot!” to start to surface.  We Texans think we are so tough until we get to this cold stuff.  Our most frequent comment?  “How do people in our northern states do this!!?”  Apparently, we are weather wimps, 0r at least cold weather wimps.  But finally, Spring is here and I find myself thinking about travel.  I love to travel, and I’ve been privileged to travel a lot under a variety of circumstances.  But a friend and I were talking not long ago about how much of Texas we still have not explored.  Now granted, Texas is a big state so some serious travel time is involved when we want to head off to the four corners.  But big or small, exploring our own backyard can be so much fun!

What holds me back right now is time.  I am committed to two distinct efforts (my job at a Texas historical site and caring for my grandson 2 days a week) which gives me one day a week to explore.  So travel for me right now comes under the heading of “Day Trip!”.  I have decided on a 2 hour radius from home.  This will take me into Oklahoma and a good portion of north Texas.  I know I can find plenty to do within a two hour drive.  My plan…

  1. Pick one town or city to visit.
  2. Research the town for historical sites, museums, bookstores, courthouses, state parks and interesting main streets.
  3. Check out a place or two to eat lunch.
  4. Determine if there are any interests along the way that might be worthy of a stop.
  5. Build in a little time for the completely unexpected surprise.  (hopefully these are all good – no flat tires!)

Some places will charm me, I am sure, while others will be a shrug of the shoulders.  But the fun will be setting out to experience, for just one day, something new, meeting people that enjoy sharing their home turf, observing the scenery, learning something new.  So I am pulling out my map of Texas (I’m old fashioned – I love those folding maps that slide into the glove compartments of our cars) plus purchase one for Oklahoma and plan my 2 hour radius and choose what I want to go see.  A great way to spend a day!  A great way to take “a trip”!

xo, Carolyn

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