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Simplicity in Space

SpringNo, I’m not referring to the “final frontier”.  Instead, I’m looking at space as this wonderful, glorious gift of nothing that is actually something.  Have you noticed how, as a society steeped in the ownership of things, we seem to be afraid of space?  We view empty walls as a blank offering for self description, corners to be filled with bric-a-brac, shelves to be loaded up, etc.  In other words we don’t really know how to live with space.

Have you ever shopped in a store, grocery or otherwise, and there are so many extras sitting in the aisles that the sheer act of shopping is irritating and a tad claustrophobic?  Or, if you are like me, I catch that extra display on my cart and start dragging it with me.  If I didn’t find my temper flaring a bit I would have time to be embarrassed!  Or have you witnessed a closet or pantry that is so crowded that the items look ready to leap off the shelves the second the door is opened?

And what of the opposite?  Have you entered a museum and you notice the distance between objects and paintings?  Or you enter a business person’s office and the desk is relatively clean of papers, gadgets, etc.  Or you enter a foyer and there is little around to disturb your entry. Does it feel calming?  Do you a find yourself a bit more curious?  Do you notice what is really in front of you (another person?) because you aren’t distracted by so many objects?

The gift of space rewards us with:

  1. the ability to truly focus on what is presented to us in that moment.  We can give the person or the situation our full attention.
  2. the beauty of sound – things we might not hear in the course of our day – birds singing, children laughing, wind whistling.
  3. the knowledge that we fill the space, not possessions.

Space is simple.  Excess is not.  Space affords us the opportunity to breathe, drop our shoulders, to enjoy people and events, to think and to simply be.  That lovely openness provides the path for love, joy or possibly time to feel sad or grieve.  Either way, we are at our best when we allow space into our lives.  So let’s embrace the rich gift of nothing actually being something in our lives.

“The heart at rest sees a feast in everything.  Hindi Proverb

xo, Carolyn

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