Small Town Simple

The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter

Top 5 Reasons I Choose Simplicity

People choose a more minimalist/simple lifestyle for a variety of reasons: make changes to their spending habits, have more time with their family, do work they love and so on.  As long as you find one true reason to pursue this change, then it’s worth it. These are the top 5 reasons I have chosen […]

Simplicity in Playtime

Lauren and I have lots of conversations regarding playtime and toys with my grandson.  And these conversations have revolved around how to have lots of fun and it doesn’t involve lots of toys.  Neither she nor I are interested in our homes becoming a booby-trapped maze of toys scattered from here to yon!  Given the fact that […]

Coffee & a Book – Capture the Moment

This book “review” will differ from the typical novel that I usually enjoy discussing.  Since working on developing my photography skills, I have been pursuing and reading other blogs and websites about photography.  I found Clickin Moms and have been scouring the vast amounts of information on the website.  I also discovered that Sarah Wilkerson, CEO […]