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Top 5 Reasons I Choose Simplicity

simplicityPeople choose a more minimalist/simple lifestyle for a variety of reasons: make changes to their spending habits, have more time with their family, do work they love and so on.  As long as you find one true reason to pursue this change, then it’s worth it.

These are the top 5 reasons I have chosen to simplify my life.

  • I value my relationships with others over my stuff.  I enjoy connections, from meeting new people to catching up with old friends.  It’s important to me to make time for these relationships instead of worrying about my things.
  • I want to demonstrate a different lifestyle to my son.  Every parent has a unique way of teaching/parenting their child.  I am not here to judge.  What I want is for Tater Tot to appreciate life and others over his toys.  I want him to have the opportunity to experience many things and I can try to lead by example.
  • I try to choose quality over quantity.  When I make purchases, I try very hard to find a better quality item.  One that I know will last versus what will simply just do.
  • I want to have more freedom to do what I love.  Minimizing certain areas of my life allows me to pursue the areas that I have fun with.  This is important to me because life should be fun.
  • I want to live a happy life.  There is a lot of information that gets put directly in our faces on a daily basis thanks to modern technology.  With simplicity, it’s easier (not 100% easy), to enjoy the moment you are in and let go of what the rest of the world is doing.  It takes some thought and a little effort, but it helps keep everyone happier.

I love the many different interpretations of a minimalist lifestyle, but I what I love most is my interpretation.  These five values are what continuously inspire me to evaluate and reevaluate my things and my time.

What aspects of minimalism do you value most?

xo, Lauren

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