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The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter

Summer Break

Hello!  We certainly haven’t forgotten about everyone.  Life has been a little crazy and sometimes, no matter how minimalist you try to be, it happens.  Mom has been in the middle of a move and my work schedule has switched around for the summer.  We have big plans for our warm months with a few outings, books to read and time well spent together.  And with everything happening, we feel like our writing has taken a back seat.

So, we are going to take a little time off.  It won’t be permanent because we love sharing and writing, but it will be through the beginning of August.  We may decide to share a little here and there, but it won’t be on a weekly basis.

We hope to come back from this break with a renewed spirit, some fresh ideas and better focus.  We hope everyone has a wonderful summer!

xo, Carolyn & Lauren

Quick side note: I finished up the month of May with my 365 project.  Hopefully our “mud boot season” is over with so I can get some outdoor pictures.May


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