Small Town Simple

The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter

Mama’s Flower

I asked my mom to pick this flower up for me for a photo prompt a couple of weeks ago. I had big plans for this one flower. I wanted Tater Tot to hold it out to me as a loving gesture from son to mother. The type of photo that exudes sweetness. Well Tater […]

Roaming the Stacks

We all need some place to retreat to.  A place for peace of mind.  A place to fill our soul.  It makes life all the sweeter when we can step back and breathe.  The choices are endless…our kitchens to create, a woodshop to transform or a walk to commune with nature. My dad built miniature train […]

Little Boy, Big Puddles

One more story from our summer.  We had a good one this year with some lazy days and mini adventures, but the best parts were the little moments that brought loud laughs and big silly grins. M needed to work on the sprinklers and try to fix some of them.  When it’s close to 100 […]