Small Town Simple

The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter


We are back!  After a busy summer, we are feeling recharged with a better focus.  So, without further ado, a weekend trip from this summer.

Small Town SimpleWe live very close to a lake, but it flooded this summer. 23 feet above normal flooded. So, we went somewhere else. Somewhere that didn’t require a long drive, but we still made it out of town. A much needed change of pace.

Lake Fork is primarily a fishing lake which we didn’t plan to do any of but it makes for a quiet atmosphere. No loud music, no parties. Just boats, fishing poles and the water.

We arrived Friday afternoon, pulled out the chairs and some drinks and enjoyed the south breeze on the deck. We explored and grilled our dinner. We didn’t worry about a table to sit at. Just our plates in our laps with Tater Tot running around between bites. I tried desperately to put my phone down for the day, leaving all the social media behind and completely staying present in the moment.

Small Town Simple

Saturday morning included an easy breakfast, a trip to the park with a big purple slide and a pit stop at a roadside fruit stand with homemade ice cream. Lunch and dinner were quiet and non-eventful.  The way I would prefer most of our meals.

Small Town Simple

It was a quiet trip. One with no hustle or bustle. One that allowed time to slow down a little to truly savor each moment. There were no schedules to maintain or errands to run. We could take our time with each new task. It’s definitely a place I want to return to again.

xo, Lauren

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