Small Town Simple

The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter

Roaming the Stacks

We all need some place to retreat to.  A place for peace of mind.  A place to fill our soul.  It makes life all the sweeter when we can step back and breathe.  The choices are endless…our kitchens to create, a woodshop to transform or a walk to commune with nature.

Small Town Simple

My dad built miniature train villages and added what seemed to be endless track.  Water towers, lights, bridges and stations were all found in his town.  When those trains powered up at night he was gleeful as those engines traversed his village with only track lights, engine lights and street lights to guide the way.

And my mom loved her books.  We were a family of limited means so books came from the library.  Many times she passed on a book or title to me to read, knowing I would enjoy the story as much as she.  I became lost in stories such as Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry or North and South by John Jakes. To this day, reading is my place to retreat.

Small Town Simple

Roaming the stacks in a library, I wonder at all the titles.  People that have placed pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and shared something of their world.  The ability to tell a great story,  to take us on a journey through time or place, to open our eyes to curious things.  Stories that are poignant, enlightening or funny…

Small Town Simple

Poking through the choices I slow down, let my mind wander, retreat from the daily routine.  “Walking the stacks in a library, dragging your fingers across the spines – it’s hard not to feel the presence of sleeping spirits.”  Robin Sloan.

 My wish for all of you is that you have your own personal way to “roam the stacks”.

xo, Carolyn

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