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Making Do

Small Town SimpleAs summer slowly slips towards fall I have finally settled into my new and smaller apartment.  And while I wrestled a bit over where to put things and decided it was time to let go of others, I determined I could also make do with a few things.

My sister and I grew up in an era of “making do”.  Scrap material became doll clothes, leftover dinner was tomorrow’s lunch,  cookies were made from scratch,  toys were shared and scavenged lumber became projects.  We made do because it was economical.  We made do because sometimes we had to.  Yet my sister and I never felt the need for wanting.

Looking back on those days, I realize there was a sense of self-sufficiency, of creativity, of imagination.  There was pride in accomplishment because we figured it out.

With that same sense of purpose I am making do in my new apartment.  I trimmed down a set of curtains to act as panels to some sheers.  I have a dining room wall that might be kept blank or  maybe I would like looking up and reflecting on something pleasant so I’m rustling through my excess to determine what I can use in a new way.  I want to create and imagine.  Just like so many before me, I want to know I can make do.

xo, Carolyn

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  1. Wishing you happy times in your new apartment! While I’m happy where I am now, over a period of 8 years, I moved 3 times. And while disrupting, there is something so fresh & exciting about starting out in a new space. I vote for putting artwork up on the blank wall! I’m also trying to “make do” more & more as I simply don’t have a large budget to work with and I’m starting to worry about retirement which is about 15 years away.

    1. Thank you, Holly! I’m right there with you thinking about retirement income. It rolls around in my mind, spend now or save for later! But it is a big blank wall so I will find something. Thanks for commenting!

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