Small Town Simple

The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter

“That’s A Really Big Moon, Granlyn!”

“I am grateful for what I am and have.  My thanksgiving is perpetual.”  Henry David Thoreau

Small Town Simple

It was only recently when the moon was so big, golden and destined to be red before the night was over.  In the midst of all that beauty my kids were a bit under the weather.  Add to that misery some low water pressure in their home.  So after some homemade chicken noodle soup my sweet grandson and I took off for my home so he could splash in a bubble bath.  Once dried and in his pj’s, we loaded back up again so I could carry him home for bedtime.  But that big moon just got in our way!

“That’s a really big moon, Granlyn!”  And so began the chase!  I’m driving north with the moon to our right and my grandson playing a form of peek-a-boo from the back seat of my car.  “I see it Granlyn!”  “Where did it go, Granlyn?”  “There it is, Granlyn!”  That was all we talked about – watching that moon appear, then disappear as we traversed the rise and fall of streets.  Then we lost it all together.  (I turned left.)  But once parked and facing east, there it was again.  “That’s a really big moon, Granlyn!”  He and I kissed goodnight and I left him all ready to crawl into bed.

Small Town Simple

As I made my way home I found myself watching that moon too.  At one point, wispy clouds passed in front.  I was certain something spooky was going to fly right in front of that hauntingly beautiful moon.  It was the perfect setup!  I’m home and I found myself simply standing outside, looking at the moon.  It was such a quiet thing to do.  Such a simple thing to do.  I breathed in deeply, slowly exhaled, feeling deeply grateful for that moment of tranquility.  And then feeling simply grateful.  Yes, my sweet grandson, it was a really big moon.

xo, Carolyn

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