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A Healthy Adventure

Small Town Simple

Adventures come in all forms.  My sister and I have started a healthy adventure of sorts.  Having recently discussed our various aches and pains, we decided we will pursue an effort in smart, mindful choices.  We will encourage each other and support each other’s goals achieved while trying for sustainable changes.  My sister is the craftier person at the keyboard so she created a chart for us to each use, including stars to be placed on the chart so we can witness our progress!  (It’s a little like being back in elementary school when we received stars for having completed an assignment or turned a project in on time.  And I like it!  And FYI, my sister works in an elementary school.)

Our adventure is simple:  we are drinking more water, we are removing a food item that we know is not particularly healthy for us each week while adding one new good food choice and we are making time for exercise.  We thought if we can add those 4 steps, our bodies will benefit from our efforts.

More importantly, we want to make ourselves a priority in our busy lives.  We have grandsons that we want to remain healthy for a long time to come.  We want to continue our productive lives.  So it only made sense that we actively engage in good choices to achieve our goals.  Is this rocket science?  Not in the least.  We are earnestly trying to simplify our lives with good choices.  And we feel empowered that it is never too late!  So we encourage you to make a healthy choice today too!

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”  Buddha

xo, Carolyn

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  1. Wonderful! I hope you quickly realize some small wins to keep you motivated on such a great path :)

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