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Small Town Simple“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them”  John Fitzgerald Kennedy

One of our most American of holidays occurs tomorrow.  A day to pause and give thanks for the myriad of blessings we have in our lives.  It is a day of traditions – family, friends, good food, football games – either watched on tv or played out in our front yards.  Hopefully it is a day full of love, laughter and grace and yes, a lot of dishes to wash.  But isn’t it worth it?

We are all aware of the events that have unfolded in the past two weeks across Europe and other parts of the globe.  Our hearts hurt for those that have suffered.  Our level of fear and concern has possibly ratcheted up.  We hope and pray for peace.

So, as this Thanksgiving Day unfolds, however and with whomever you spend it with, hug those around you a little harder, practice patience a little longer, be grateful for every dish that must be washed.  Those plates demonstrate our lives matter to each other, we have gathered and shared, we have loved in this moment.  And what a beautiful gift that is!  And whatever else you have included in your Thanksgiving practice – bring it on with all the joy and enthusiasm you can muster!

We wish you a beautiful day of gratitude!

xo, Lauren and Carolyn



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