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Scrounging Christmas

Small Town Simple

A number of years ago, while Lauren was a young student, she had some library research to do so off we went.  While she hit the books, I poked through the archived magazines and came across an older issue of Southern Living.  It was the December issue and I eventually ended up reading the last page – a holiday essay.  This particular author described his Christmases as a young boy.  His most vivid memory was the arrival of a favorite aunt who immediately proceeded to scrounge the outdoors for things to use as decorations.   He recalled her trailing inside branches & twigs, forgotten bird’s nests & interesting leaves, berries and dried pods.  She went to work, converting the home into a wonderland for all the kids in the family and yet never left the house for a store.  He was greatly impressed by her enjoyment of the season along with her creativity.

Fast forward a few years (well, maybe more than a few) and Lauren was searching for some new ornaments for her Christmas tree, and like the aunt in the author’s memory, she didn’t want to head off to the store.  We had shared a discussion over a recent magazine article reflecting on the scrounged Christmas and it included making decorations from paper towel tubes.  So we started saving and one night last week I sat down with those tubes, scissors and the hot glue gun and proceeded to make our own.  Mine is a variation of what we had seen.  The reason?  Glue from the gun is hot!!  Not all of my paper towel tubes – now petals tips – were lining up due to burned finger tips.  So what could hide the misalignment?  Buttons!  I have a jar full of saved buttons so I picked out colors that were complimentary to Lauren’s tree and glued those to the centers of each ornament.

I never forgot that article I read many years ago.  I don’t recall if finances drove the creativity or if it was a lifestyle choice.  I simply remember how remarkable the author felt as a young boy watching the simplest of things transform his home for the holidays.  Lauren and I wanted to recreate the possibility of adding to her tree and it too being from the simplest of choices.  As we move through the most joyous of seasons, we hope you find the simplest moments are the ones filled with the deepest meaning.

xo, Carolyn

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