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And Happy New Year!

Small Town Simple

As 2015 comes to a close and 2016 looms large, typically we take a few moments to reflect and plan.  We will hear people chatting about New Year’s Resolutions.  Sometimes thoughts are expressed as a wish for change in the new year.  Or sometimes we take a strong stand and state we won’t make any plans or resolutions because we never stick with them anyway!  Let’s see – lose weight, save money, eliminate the clutter – right?  However, I like to think of one year rolling out and the new year rolling in as a continuous cycle.  What did I achieve and what can I build on?  Is there room for improvement?  Can something be enhanced in this rolling adventure known as life?  Decidedly, yes!

  1.  My apartment balcony faces west/northwest.  For the first time I have sunlight I can harness for some gardening!  Even my former home’s backyard in Arlington was small and shaded and I found it very difficult to garden.  Add to that a major problem with ants, moles and a few snakes and I was always frustrated.  But now those pots are coming out in early spring and I will be prepping and planting.
  2. Due to my osteoarthritis in my left knee – a new arrival in 2015 so it follows me into 2016 – I will continue to work on a low sugar/anti-inflammatory diet while I practice keeping the costs of food down.
  3. Because I have been practicing a lifestyle that is smaller and has a minimal carbon footprint, I will continue to improve on keeping my purchases to a minimum.  I received a gift from my lifetime friend, Patsy, that includes reusable storage bags and leftover storage wraps that eliminate the need for foil or plastic wrap – check out here: Blue Avocado.  (And for the record I’ve not bought foil in about a year.  I’ve learned I can live without it!)
  4. I’m in the market for a bedspread or cover of some sort for my guest bedroom.  There are no plans to dash out for the ubiquitous bed in a bag.  I’m going to look and search and find something that pleases my aesthetics but is in line with my values.  In the meantime, the bed “is what it is” until the search is complete.

As my calendar changes, my thoughts and plans continue.  I’m not thinking do-over.  I’m thinking about how to make the joyous aspects of life better.  And I hope you will do the same as 2016 comes on board.  I wish you a very Happy New Year!

xo, Carolyn

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  1. Linda

    Kudos to enhancing your life rather than “resolutions.” I checked out the Blue Avocado website & saw a few items to purchase. They offer great products.

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