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2016 – Looking Forward

Small Town Simple

A new year is upon us once again. Fresh starts and big changes for some, little changes for others. Goals, resolutions, whatever you wish to call them flood our thoughts and how we hope the next year goes. But this year, my thoughts are a little different. I have one big plan…our little family of 3 will become a family of 4 in July. We are over the moon excited and ready to take on this next adventure.

With that in mind, I have no big life-altering resolutions on my horizon. I simply have a few plans.

  • Continue to de-clutter. With another addition, it’s even more imperative to get rid of the unnecessary in my home. Baby + toddler = a lot of extra stuff. I am hoping to keep as much of that to a minimum as possible. It is a constant cycle, but one I am not willing to let overtake my home.
  • Continue to pursue and learn more about photography. I am absolutely thrilled with the completion of my 365 project last year. It was hard and some tears were shed, but I finished and will have 4 books proudly displayed to document my year of photos. With that said, there are so many basics and fundamentals of photography that I have yet to learn. One class at a time and one ebook at a time, I hope to gain even more knowledge on the subject to improve my skills.
  • Slow down and enjoy our family of 3. I can’t wait to add a baby-Tot to our brood but I also want to savor this time as just us 3. We really have a rhythm (albeit some days are better than others), and I want to appreciate that rhythm to its fullest during this time.
  • Slow down and enjoy me. I’m hoping to take a little more time for myself in the next few months before my attention becomes more divided. Quiet mornings with coffee and a book, naps in the afternoons and a little pampering thrown in here and there.

2016 will bring change. I can only hope to embrace each day as it comes with purpose.

xo, Lauren

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  1. I love these…I’m right there with you on the first and the last one. I’d love to slow down a little bit this year…not sure yet how, but it’s on my mind!

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