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The Next Book You Should Read

Small Town SimpleWe all know that books are my go to past time. I read in the morning before work, I read at lunch, I read before bed and then fall asleep about 15 minutes later. I absolutely love devouring a good story or new information. And when a book has me really thinking and questioning some of my daily practices, I know I’ve found a keeper.

Skin Cleanse by Adina Grigore is one such keeper. This book initially piqued my interest thanks to Instagram. I had lots of skin problems as a teenager and through half of my twenties. Products simply didn’t work and I never wanted to buy the really harsh stuff. Thankfully after 4+ years of using the oil cleansing method, I rarely have any breakouts. But there are other areas of my beauty routine that I want to improve and find more natural alternatives to, so I dove into the book.

First, I absolutely love Adina’s writing style. She doesn’t preach and she takes a realistic approach to her methods. If you only change one part of your routine, whether it’s your eating habits or your beauty habits, then you are on a healthier path. “That’s why I wrote this book, because I want you to use all of this information to get to know yourself really well, and then I want you to stop stressing about it once and for all.”  If anything, she simply wants us as consumers to be informed.

Second, my favorite chapter is making your kitchen your apothecary (Fyi, this is such a good word. We should all use it more often.). I always have fun making my own hair and face masks. I love the idea of having so many useful recipes in one place. I know Pinterest is great, but if you’re asking me to pick a book over a screen…well the book wins every time.

Third, the book is broken down into 3 basic steps (obviously she provides more detail but these give a very basic outline).

  • Know your personal health background and environment
  • Eat a more balanced diet (don’t actually diet)
  • Improve your skin care routine and learn more about your products

After reading the chapter about products and what the FDA doesn’t regulate, I didn’t want to wear any makeup to work. I only wear five makeup items most days: powder, concealer, a little bronzer, mascara and lipstick. Today I skipped the powder and now I’m on the hunt for other alternatives to my makeup as well as eliminating some products all together. Based on this book, my goal is to create a better beauty routine for myself that highlights instead of covers up. I want to improve the quality of my skin.

I really hope you will consider making this your next book purchase.  We could all use a few reminders in regards to our health and beauty routines and those reminders should not have to come from the cosmetics industry.

xo, Lauren

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