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The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter

Tater Tot Turns 3!

A couple of weeks ago, Tater Tot turned 3…3! And we said no party. With Baby Tot’s arrival this summer, we wanted one more trip just the 3 of us. We trekked down to the Texas coast, in no particular hurry. Driving several hours with a 3 year old means making a few stops, but […]

Let’s Talk Honey

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about trying to buy more real food vs. the processed stuff that grocery store chains so heartily stock on their store shelves.  The food topic was cheese and the fillers used to keep shredded cheese from sticking.  Since I wrote that particular piece, I’ve suddenly come across several articles (via magazines […]

Radiant Light in February

I spent some time in the last month searching for those rays of sunshine.  Some days were more agreeable than others with my wishes.  This picture was one such day.  Even with the roses beginning to fade, the light gave them back some life.  It was a radiant moment for my photography and for my […]