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Let’s Talk Honey

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about trying to buy more real food vs. the processed stuff that grocery store chains so heartily stock on their store shelves.  The food topic was cheese and the fillers used to keep shredded cheese from sticking.  Since I wrote that particular piece, I’ve suddenly come across several articles (via magazines and online) regarding honey.  Maybe because spring is coming soon  honey has been a topic.

I’ve got to admit, I did not grow up eating honey.  It was not until my adult years and while I was married that I was first introduced to the sticky substance and originally I was not impressed.  But various recipes that I came across included honey, so my purchasing began.  I bought whatever was on sale in the stores and happily carted home what I thought was a good alternative to sugar.  The processed honey industry had the last laugh on me.  Most of that golden liquid that we buy isn’t really honey, it is truly golden sugar.

Liquid honey goes through a microfiltering process in addition to heat in order to yield the golden liquid.  Everything good about honey has been stripped away and is not in that bottle that we purchase.  If we want the good stuff, we need to purchase raw honey.  I’ve never bought raw honey before and I don’t know if it can be used the same way as bottled honey.  So I have some more learning to do.  So while searching out my area for real cheese I’m adding raw honey to my list.  I figure if I keep making these small changes, over time they add up to a lifestyle change.  One that is healthier and more sustainable than my previous attempts.  So, my search is on.

xo, Carolyn

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  1. Linda

    I have been enjoying these “real food” posts. This past November, I decided to try to eat little to no processed foods, leaving whole or real foods for my diet. It certainly has been an eye opening experience at the grocery store! But, my parents & grandparents ate this way & they were healthier for it. A few years ago, I worked at an orchard & they sold honey from their own hives (local). The honey was heated only enough to get it out of the hive, so no heavy duty processing there. I do as much of my food shopping at a farm stand/market, purchasing mostly local foods, milk, & honey. I would much rather give my money in support of a local business than to the big box grocery stores. And eating this way has helped with my blood pressure & cholesterol numbers, bringing them way down.

    1. That is terrific, Linda! I’ve been reading up some more on honey and how to use it raw – and when not to. And staying out of the aisles of processed food is eye-opening, isn’t it? Your words are encouraging because there are a few numbers I would like to get down. Thank you for sharing!

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