Small Town Simple

The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter

Books, Books and More Books

Small Town Simple

It is no secret that the written word is a favorite of mine. And I try regularly to pass that passion onto Tater Tot and soon Baby Tot, which at times leads to an overload of books. Books in baskets, books on shelves, books hiding under the couch. With Baby Tot on the way, I was overdue in assessing our book situation.

So I sat rifling through the assortment. Pulling favorites, tossing the ones hanging on by a thread. Baby Tot now has a small stack eager for her curiosity. Tater Tot’s books wait patiently lined up on 1 shelf of his bookcase ready to be his next must read because he forgot he had it.  All still with plenty of adventures standing by to be read.

Small Town Simple

This simplicity thing has a constant ebb and flow to it. There will always be the books coming in, but I will always try to make sure there are some going out as well. The ones that are ready to move on.  Letting go of books is always a struggle for me, but knowing that a new story awaits helps the process.

xo, Lauren

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  1. Clara

    I struggle with probably keeping too much of my 7 year old’s hand-me-downs for her 18 mos old little sister. But we also love books!!! I’m donating some easy readers that my 7 year old has surpassed, and putting others away for little sister. I just don’t want to be wasteful of the resources we already have & have to re-purchase things.

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