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Celebrate the Small Things

Small Town Simple

When life starts to hand me several things to juggle, the feeling of progress on any task can be difficult.  When these moments arise, I like to take inventory on what I have accomplished no matter how small.  It’s these little moments that say, “Yes today was still productive.”

Small Wins

  • Setting out fresh flowers in pretty vases.  Spring is definitely in the air!
  • A healthy new snack recipe that tastes good.
  • A successful nap time for Tater Tot.  Bonus points if I get to take one too!
  • Getting the Keurig to work so I can finally have my first cup of coffee for the day (true story – I was not happy).
  • Finishing this blog post before the week comes to an end!

Sometimes life throws us a few curve balls, extras that we didn’t anticipate.  When the curve balls start flying, it’s important to take a step back and remember that there are still plenty of moments to celebrate each day.

xo, Lauren

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