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Minimalist Mother’s Day Ideas

Small Town Simple

This Sunday is my 3rd Mother’s Day and I can’t help but get a little giddy each year that it rolls around. I love getting the chance to spend some extra time with my family and maybe enjoy a little extra pampering for the day. But in all of that, I still prefer to keep things simple. Here are my 2 biggest suggestions for simple gifts: consumables and experiences. But if I need to get a little more specific, here are some easy suggestions for the minimalist mom in your life.

Minimalist Mother’s Day:

  • Breakfast in bed. What mother doesn’t enjoy having someone else fix her the first meal of the day? Add her favorite cup of coffee and you are golden!
  • Brunch. I see brunch all over Instagram, but sadly my area doesn’t really have that option at restaurants. So, it’s definitely a treat to head down to a bigger city and find a fun restaurant with brunch options. Now if only I could have that mimosa!
  • Coffee date. Take that lovely lady to her favorite coffee place, sit down and talk for a while. Add a pastry and some people watching and I can easily kill a couple of hours for an afternoon.
  • Picnic. Spring is in the air and with a little planning, get out and enjoy the sunshine! Plus, if you have littles, they have much more fun getting to run around and play versus other quieter activities (unless your child is naturally quiet, in which case I am jealous!).
  • Spa. I’m pretty sure this one goes without saying. Massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, take your pick. My biggest suggestion though, don’t schedule anything less than an hour.
  • Flowers. I love gorgeous bouquets of flowers. The more color the better. I definitely don’t have a green thumb, but flowers still offer a clutter free option because eventually they are no more.
  • Words. Women love them. Write down those feelings or if you simply can’t find the words, look up some good quotes.
  • Ask her what she wants. I always have a running personal wishlist of items. Sometimes, the items get scratched out when I know I don’t want them any more and sometimes they stay for a while because of cost/investment. If someone really wants to purchase an item for me, I take a quick glance at my wishlist to see if there is anything I can suggest. This way I know I am getting something that I truly love and want to own.

I hope this list is helpful and of course can be applied to any gift idea for your favorite minimalists, not just moms. Heck you could even use some of it for Father’s Day as well. I’m sure dad enjoys breakfast in bed as much as the next person.

What Mother’s Day events do you have planned? I would love to hear any other simple suggestions.

xo, Lauren

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