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Living Large While Living Small

Small Town Simple

One year has lapsed since I moved into my 932 square foot apartment.  And I learned something as the past year has inched by.  I really can live small.  And that makes me very happy because, quite frankly, I want to take it a little smaller.

Lauren recently passed on to me The More of Less by Joshua Becker.  And while many of his suggestions are already practiced by Lauren and myself, one comment really struck home.  Joshua is discussing the craft of moving things around and we think we are minimizing.  Or we put a bunch of things in a big plastic container, stash the container, and we think we are minimizing.  But we aren’t.  We are doing what he calls leveling.  (It was a term he picked up in a conversation when someone challenged him about storing his stuff vs. getting rid of it.)  So Joshua wrote, “We don’t really gain freedom from possessions until we permanently remove them from our lives.”

As May fades into June I now have a half-way into 2016 resolution.  I am going through each closet, drawer and cabinet and challenging myself one more time to determine why I am keeping a variety of items.  We all know this is tough.  It requires a little time and energy, we are concerned we might later regret our decisions and the sentimental value of things can just pull on those heartstrings.  So I created  a benchmark of sorts for myself.  If I’ve not picked up the item in the last year and used it, worn it, cooked with it, etc., then I probably don’t need it!  This allows me the opportunity to pass the item on, still maintain a little space for the sentimental items, and my apartment as a whole will be even cleaner and more spacious.  And it will contain only those items that I regularly use and a few that have memories attached.

932 square feet never looked so big!

xo, Carolyn

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