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Summer Nights

Disclaimer – this is a post sponsored by Marie Lynn Skincare.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Small Town Simple

Friday night and it finally felt like summer had arrived.  We made our way to our friend’s house and pulled up to the smell of burgers and hot dogs on the grill.  More people started arriving, lawn chairs were set up and little ones were playing chase.

It was all going wonderfully until I heard the familiar sound of spritzing and then smelled the cloud of chemicals drifting my way.  I watched person after person douse themselves in bug spray and I watched others nearby cough from the smell.

But, I had brought my own solution to the party.  Marie Lynn’s Bug Repellent.

Small Town Simple

Here’s what I love about this bug spray.

  • No chemicals – Tater Tot, Baby Tot and myself are big fans.
  • It smells good – I really had no urge to choke or cough while spraying this on myself or family.
  • It feels good – I don’t feel like I need to take a shower to wash this off, it’s not oily or sticky.  It rubs in and you can’t tell that you’re wearing bug spray.
  • It works!

I walked away with very few bites.  I happen to be a magnet for the little boogers, so this was a success.  Both Tater Tot and the hubs walked away with zero bites and they both had the spray on.  Summer nights are the perfect feeding ground for mosquitoes and this spray worked like a charm.

Be sure to take a look at Marie Lynn’s Skincare line and pick up a bottle of bug spray for yourself.  It is small, easily portable and made with real ingredients all of which mean a bug free summer on my horizon.

xo, Lauren

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