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Summer Bucket List

Small Town Simple

This is the fun list vs. the to-do list.  Things summer allows us to do.  Experiences to be embraced.  Something new to be learned.  Keeping it simple.  Not spending lots of money.  Just enjoying the enjoyable.  So what does a summer bucket list look like?  Here’s a peek at mine…

  • take my grandson to a new museum for a fun experience
  • learn how to make a galette
  • swim, preferably with my grandson – which means lots of giggles and splashing and not much swimming
  • for the hours that are simply too hot to be outside, read a book – and the story takes place in France (France is on my big bucket list).  Any ideas??
  • patio time and a cool drink in hand spent with my sister
  • attend a summer concert
  • adding more summertime fruit to my plate

A summer bucket list.  I hope you will create one too that embraces these lazy summer days that are now upon us!

xo, Carolyn

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