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A Slow Summer

Small Town Sijmple

Patience is not my forte.  Waiting 9 long months for Baby Tot’s arrival certainly puts that attribute to the test.

But that day has arrived and tomorrow we usher our little girl into the world.  We are more than ready to meet her, snuggle with her and love her.

With all the impending snuggles, comes time.  Time to slow down and enjoy each one of those newborn moments because they are so fleeting.  Time to learn a new family dynamic for now we are 4.  Time to rest and recover.  Time to have a slow summer.

We want to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July.  We will be taking a break while adjusting to new routines and finding our way to a new normal.

Be sure to enjoy your summer as well.  Slow down and embrace those moments.  We will see you soon friends!!

xo, Lauren & Carolyn

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