Small Town Simple

The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter

Small Rituals of Calm

Small Town SimpleFinding those moments of calm during times of crying and little sleep among all parties involved.  This is my world.  When both children are sleeping, it’s a blessing and it is likely you will find me doing a happy dance.

Maybe I have 5 minutes, maybe 30, sometimes a full hour.  I look for the small rituals.  The little things that can be accomplished quickly and give me the “impression” that I have this completely under control.

  • Make the bed (until Tater Tot races in to announce that he’s going to mess it up).
  • Switch out 1 piece of seasonal decor.  So that my 4th of July pieces aren’t still sitting out in October.
  • Have a cup of coffee (and probably take a picture because there’s Instagram).
  • Write it down.  Make a list, write in a journal.  Putting pen to paper always give me a sense of calm.

It’s these times that provide a little bit of sanity in my days.  Slow, quiet, serene.  Even if for a moment.


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