Small Town Simple

The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter

Building My Bridge

Small Town Simple

“And the beauty of a bridge is you don’t have to see too far ahead in order to get to the other side.  You just have to take the next step.”  Jeff Goins, The Art of Work

Me and a camera.  A piece of equipment that over a year ago I understood very little of.

But I learned.  A daily project inspired me to pick up that camera.  It inspired me to try.  And in the middle of that project I found a love and a passion for something I didn’t know existed.  Capturing a moment in time.  From flowers in pretty vases, my son’s wry smile, to my daughter’s tiny toes.  I want to preserve the moments.

I’m still learning.  Still growing.  I don’t think that will ever stop.  So, I’m building my bridge toward a new destination.  One building block at a time I’m creating a new path for myself with my camera.

“Our job is to see work as a means of making us better, not just richer, people.”  Jeff Goins

My bridge enables me to be better.  A better wife, a better mother, a better daughter and ultimately a better person.  I am doing something that makes me happy and enjoying my bridge building as I go.


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