Small Town Simple

The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter

A First

I was nervous.  But I was ready.  I had done my homework on various poses to try.  I had read more information about making sure to find the right light.  And for the next hour, I enjoyed every minute.  She smiled, I clicked.  My very first senior photography session is in the bag.  Now I […]

Just His Imagination

We took a walk the other day – this precocious grandson of mine and I.  It was merely to remove some trash and retrieve my mail.  But along the way there were piles of leaves.  Little leaves tucked around curbs and fallen branches.  He grabbed a handful, seeing only the fun those little leaves provided. Handful after handful they […]

A Sunday Well Spent

A gorgeous Sunday afternoon.  We loaded up the kiddos, which sometimes feels like we’re moving, and headed south to the big city.  The invitation said, “Extravaganza,” so I wasn’t about to miss this. Fun was enjoyed by all.  Grilled cheese sandwiches, homemade cupcakes, great conversation by my social Tater Tot and a little wild man […]