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The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter

When Opportunity Knocks (or even whispers)

Small Town Simple

Sometimes our lives get to bend a little.  A moment to stretch our wings, change directions, look a different way.  That bending can even take a little squaring of the shoulders as we allow ourselves to participate in the new and different.  To avail ourselves.

And so it happened last week when I walked into a classroom to learn a few new cooking techniques with…squash!  Sitting on top of shiny industrial sized prep tables were a variety of squash – spaghetti squash, patty pan squash, baby patty pans – lots of squash.  Resting on top were beautiful golden squash blossoms with a young chef standing next to this bounty in his chef whites and tall toque telling us, yes, we are cooking with squash blossoms.  What followed was an evening of chopping, sautéing, swirling and ultimately tasting all things squash.  We practiced our “yes chef” while he issued instructions, mingling in and out of each station, gently correcting form and encouraging us to up the seasoning.

It is good to venture out, to do things on our own, to not cocoon ourselves for too long.  I partnered with a delightful lady who admitted she didn’t really like to cook, but she wanted to do something different.  So there we stood, complete strangers yet plating up our success at the stove and enjoying our simple experience with squash.

I hope, when opportunity presents itself, you will allow the moment in and create a new experience for yourself.

“I will prepare and some day my chance will come.”  Abraham Lincoln


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