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A Sunday Well Spent

Small Town Simple

A gorgeous Sunday afternoon.  We loaded up the kiddos, which sometimes feels like we’re moving, and headed south to the big city.  The invitation said, “Extravaganza,” so I wasn’t about to miss this.

Fun was enjoyed by all.  Grilled cheese sandwiches, homemade cupcakes, great conversation by my social Tater Tot and a little wild man partaking in all the festivities (especially doing a number on that cake).

But the best part is seeing this girl.  We go back to the days of high school and concession stands.  She gives me all the warm fuzzies because we have been connected so long.  I love our conversations because I never know which direction they will take.  There’s always laughter, a whole lot of sass and some colorful language thrown in there.

Small Town Simple

Moments like these are what put a smile on face.  Spending time with those we care about and making memories.  It was a Sunday well spent.


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