Small Town Simple

The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter

Just His Imagination

Small Town SimpleWe took a walk the other day – this precocious grandson of mine and I.  It was merely to remove some trash and retrieve my mail.  But along the way there were piles of leaves.  Little leaves tucked around curbs and fallen branches.  He grabbed a handful, seeing only the fun those little leaves provided. Handful after handful they were tossed into the air.  “Leaf confetti!”  And he would smile as they rained back down on him.  Walking further we discovered in a courtyard patio of my apartment complex a homemade ghost surrounded by all kinds of Halloween paraphernalia – big spiders, black netting, orange lights.  “Spooky things” we called them.

Back home this little man wanted to play school bus.  So we hopped into the bed in my “back, back bedroom” as it is known, where we drove the bus.  But wait!  Don’t the tires need airing up?  And how about that engine?  We must go to the engine store and choose a new engine.  We both have steering wheels and we both drove the bus, sometimes at the same time.  Our patient passengers  that quietly waited through all our maintenance were two stuffed animals.  We never got very far.  Apparently our tires kept losing air.

As the sun faded and the harvest moon rose, we needed one more walk to the “Spooky things”.  More than one window glowed with orange lights.  Skeletons peeked from corners.  Ghosts fluttered in our windy night. A frog hopped in our path.  All required stories.  A few more leaves were tossed when he found them in the shadow of lights.

As my little fella finally quieted for the night, sleep overtook all of his energy and I marveled at how he made a whole evening out of – nothing.  Just his imagination.


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