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A More Simple Time of Year

Small Town Simple

November begins.  The light of day shortens.  The moon is bigger, brighter, golden.  We feel the movement towards winter, our season where we hunker down a bit.  Move inward instead of outward.  A time of rest.

Of course, we know there are those that want us to do the exact opposite.  They want us to move out of our natural rhythm and life cycle of drawing inward, an action that does not produce results for their goals.  But I have goals too.  And my goals are never acknowledged by “them”.  I am more than a quantifiable number that yields results.  To all of that I say no.  Simply – no.

As the advertising sweep begins to throw it’s net in an attempt to capture us all – let’s find ways to say no.  Instead, let’s find more ways to honor our family, bake from scratch, laugh with friends, take a walk, look at the moon.  Decide on homemade vs. store bought.  Take the opportunity to express a kindness to a stranger.  Really listen when someone is talking.

This time of year holds beautiful possibilities.  And none of them come out of a plastic bag.  As we move through autumn and into winter I will share ways I’ve said no.  And I invite you to share the conversation with me.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world, most people exist, that’s all.”  Oscar Wilde

Live well in the simplicity of your day.


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