Small Town Simple

The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter

Simplicity of the Season

Small Town SimpleA few weeks back my grandson and I curled up on the sofa and watched an episode of Paw Patrol.  The Pups Save Christmas!  We’ve watched it many times because it exists on a DVD. (I’m one of the few who does not subscribe to any form of expanded channels on tv.)  Each time we laugh over the pups as they fall and tumble while decorating their tree.  We admired their finished product and then clapped when those smart little pups did indeed save Christmas.  And each time my grandson said, “Granlyn, you’ll tell me when it is Christmas, right?”  I promised him I would.

Luckily, 3 year old grandsons don’t require much reminding. He knows.  And he’s been helping me all along the way.  We decorated my tall tree of 3 whole feet with homemade Christmas decorations.  They all ended up at eye level – his eye level.  He and his dad hung Christmas lights on my patio one evening while Lauren and my baby granddaughter helped me prepare a meal.  He climbed up on my 2 foot step ladder, sitting right next to me in the kitchen chatting and snacking while I made cookies to share with his Mommy and Daddy.  We will gather on Christmas Eve to enjoy bowls of homemade clam chowder.

Small Town Simple

These are our traditions.  Simple, easy, mindful.  Enjoying the small things.  As we celebrate Christmas and anticipate a new year, Lauren and I wish you the joy of the season.

Merry Christmas!


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