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A Birthday Letter To My Daughter

Small Town SimpleLauren,

Wasn’t it just yesterday that  you were my baby girl?  My sweet child that I wanted so much and at times thought I might never have.  You were my gift.  And there you have remained.  You were a joy as my child and you have been my support (and still my joy) in adulthood.  Many times you have held me up when I thought I might fail.  And best of all you have never judged me.  You have simply loved me.

And today is your birthday and my wishes for you run deep.  There is always the wish for happiness and health.  Added to that wish is one for success – on your terms.  I want you to know all the love from your children that I have known from you.  I wish for you a long, fulfilling married life.  And I wish for you length of years.  Many, many years so you experience the depth of life in all of its stages.

Mother/daughter relationships are like no other.  We’ve shared laughs at the most inappropriate times.  You have thrown me into dressing rooms with the order “stay there” while you picked out clothes for me to try on.  (This came after me pulling from the racks many examples and you arched an eyebrow and told me, “Uh, no!”)  There was the pina colada at 11 AM in Las Vegas for your 21st birthday.  And the following consternation when the bartender didn’t ask for proof of age.  And there was the panicked phone call while I was trekking through Germany telling me the DJ for your wedding had not kept his appointment.  My first thought was, “I’m in Germany!  How am I supposed to fix this?!”  And you telling me he better be in the hospital if he was going to be rude and stand you up.  Turns out, he was in the hospital and he couldn’t call you.  (He did make the wedding and couldn’t have been nicer!)  And our shared list goes on.

Today is your birthday and I love you as much today, if not even more, as I did the first time I held you in my arms.  Happy Birthday sweet Lauren.  All my love,


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