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The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter

When the Quiet Rushes In

Small Town Simple

There’s a kind of hush…the snow falls.  The quiet descends.  The light hovers between daylight and night – a deep gray that can only be matched by ocean’s depths.  For all the things we think we can control, the sky isn’t one of them.

Texas weather is typically noisy.  Winds howl.  Hailstorms pound.  Thunderstorms boom.  But snow, that is a completely different experience.  It falls quietly and immediately our world quietens with it.  It blankets our rooftops, our sidewalks and our streets.  It’s possible to hear the crunch of a footfall far away.

When the quiet rushes in, the door closes out the inclement and we must wait on Mother Nature to finish her journey,  we are presented with the most beautiful opportunity of time.  Time at home.  Time to be quiet, to read, to talk, to sip warm drinks.  It is time to play games, work on puzzles, to bake, to make a pot of chili. Or time to bundle up and go outside and play in all that white brilliance!  All those things we are always bemoaning, “if I just had the time”, well, now we do.  For a brief moment while we wait out Mother Nature, we have that beautiful luxury of time.


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