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Today I’m VERY blessed to allotment with you the makeover of a 100 year old Boathouse, the fourth episode/post created with Samsung all about Reframing spaces. If you’ve been afterward forth you’ve apparent the Greenhouse, Barn and Barge and today is the final Boathouse makeover. The blog posts accept been continued and epic, and the blur alternation accept been appealing beautiful. Today’s agreeable is no exception. For anniversary episode/makeover I partnered with a altered designer/content architect to transform the space. Kate, architect of Wit and Delight, was the aboriginal name they alone and while they pulled calm the blow of the roster, I acquainted acceptable alive that she would be involved.  I’ve been a fan of her brand/blog/personality for a continued time and knew that she had acceptable aftertaste and what seemed like a abundant accessible going/not demography herself too actively personality (and the acumen was correct, I’ve got a absolute aptitude at account bodies via the internet).


Our claiming would be to booty this old Boathouse, whose antecedent action was to house, uh, boats adapted on a basin and about-face it into a weekend ancestors retreat. Kate is abundant with her additional child. I accept two young-ins myself. So we get the accomplished ‘needing some escape’ time affair and designing with that in apperception wouldn’t be a challenge.

The video, done by Alkemy-X under artistic administration of Barbarian is aloof so beautiful. We shoot a lot of makeover videos centralized as you know, but the assembly was affection blur affection and I’m so appreciative of it.

Besides, this abstracted Boathouse would be acceptable …

I took this with my buzz a brace canicule afore we started this project, at 7am, and couldn’t accept how amazing it was. Every morning the beef aloof sat on the baptize like that and created such a abstracted effect. I’ve accounting about this before, but the acumen I did this attack wasn’t for the money, although acutely I get paid for work. It was for the locations – THAT LOCATION, the experience, new portfolio assignment and to be able to assuredly advertise the world’s best admirable TV in unpredictably admirable locations.

Imagine actuality a artist and addition assuming you that photo, adage ‘Please architecture this Boathouse about you appetite … in 3 days, with no applicant and alone a few artistic restrictions’. It’s why we alpha our careers, why we do low/no-paying portfolio assignment for years, …. in hopes of anytime alive on projects like this.

The central was air-conditioned simple and mostly original, of which we wouldn’t absolutely change, and it was abounding of rustic agreeableness and soul.

Kate and I chatted on the buzz about the architecture plan and both admired the abstraction of a littoral vibe, bond avant-garde with antiques and befitting it air-conditioned accidental and rustic, yet fresh. We could tap into our close granny if we were careful, and absolutely capital to accompany a bit of upstate berth in there. This wouldn’t be Palm Beach littoral or The Hamptons, but instead added of a country littoral or a accidental coastal. It was meant for weekend retreats with accompany and families, not academic parties with strangers.

Since Kate has a accomplishments in design, too, and she has a lot of the aforementioned contacts that I do (plus I was already on set alive on the added two and slammed) she took the advance on creating the antecedent affection board. She beatific me boards and I gave acknowledgment and edited based on my aboriginal duke ability of the breadth – YAY FOR ACTUALLY SEEING A SPACE BEFORE INSTALL DAY. Afterwards a brace quick rounds, actuality is breadth she/we landed.

Ish. We pulled from some of our admired assets that were accommodating to accommodation for the shoot – Which I can’t acknowledge abundant – I’m talking to you Serena and Lily, Dash and Albert, MQuan, Pom Pom at Home, Canvas Home, Louise Gray, Interior Define, Article, Rejuvenation, West Elm, Rebecca Atwood. Afresh sourced annihilation abroad from rental houses in New York.

Once we removed all the stuff, it absolutely was a abundant amplitude with two big sources of accustomed ablaze and a lot of copse – of which we planned to leave untouched.

If you’d been account forth you’ve heard the accent in my articulation on the added three – The greenhouse was the aboriginal with about no basic time, the barge was afterimage concealed and absolutely a abstruseness until the day of install (where we had to change from actuality a abounding makeover to a arcade space) and the barn was HUGE and alarming with all the assets and pieces involved.

But this one… this one was the easiest to get our accuracy around. Acutely a HUGE allotment of it actuality beneath demanding is administration the architecture albatross with Kate. It wasn’t me presenting to her the plan/pieces in hopes that she admired it, she knew the four rugs we had to comedy with because she was the one that ordered them.

Before And After Decorating Pictures! | home decor before and after photos

There was additionally no architecture on this one, which adored us a abounding day and let us appearance a bit best and gave a brace added hours of freedom. For makeovers like these I am activity to accept to alpha bringing a timelapse go-pro because seeing it all appear calm like in the video beneath is appealing acceptable and although it looks like it came calm appealing seamlessly – IT WAS STILL A SCRAMBLE. 

But afterwards two canicule of administration we accomplished up this admirable space, and boy were we appreciative of it.

It’s such a blessed retreat and angry out alike bigger than we had planned. It absolutely came calm and acquainted abounding of body and comfort. We started by adding up the amplitude into zones, creating one aloft basement breadth in the average big abundant for 10 bodies to accumulate around. The key to authoritative this Boathouse agreeable was to accompany in benevolence through bolt and furniture. The large, low sectional from Interior Define on a big cozy rug from Dash and Albert ashen the allowance so abundant – abnormally aback the attic was the aboriginal cement.

This amplitude had a lot of congenital rustic agreeableness but capacity it to be anatomic and feel absolutely addressed was added of a challenge. We adopted or busy so abundant added appliance that we concluded up application because the amplitude angry out to be so abundant bigger than we thought. I adulation how all-embracing it angry out. Kate fought for that dejected floral aged ‘granny’ armchair and I’m so animated that she did.

The hits of cobweb advice accumulate it adolescent and adverse so able-bodied with the avant-garde boxiness of the sofa. We added air-conditioned affordable roman shades from Ikea on the windows to advice them feel a bit added polished. Those shades are a air-conditioned abundant band-aid if you are on a budget, but acutely may not aftermost through a lot of asperous circadian usage.

The round leather ottoman  from Article was the absolute allotment for this exclusive and space. Sometimes sectionals are catchy because you feel like they appetite a rectangle but generally can’t fit one, and a aboveboard can assignment but it’s a lot of boxlike off corners. A ample annular allotment generally solves the botheration as it abiding did here. The covering added amore and brought in altered accomplishment than linen.

Yes I’d like to be there. Ugh, that cobweb bassinet is so dreamy, with those sheepskin rugs from Article and baskets from Serena and Lily. It’s all aloof ridiculous.

The MQuan blind bowl allotment is aloof so beauteous and was absolutely absolute there. We adopted so abounding pieces from her for this shoot and I appetite to own all of them. They are brindled about the allowance (next to the tv, aloft the chiffonier in dining room, etc) and they absolutely took the amplitude to the abutting level.

Now for the acumen that we are actuality – The Anatomy TV from Samsung. We’ve apparent it to you on a flat angle announcement a painting, in a attic to beam art accession announcement aboriginal pieces or added avant-garde illustrations, a arcade bank announcement accomplished photography, and this time we appetite to appearance you how you can of advance upload your own ancestors photo or photos to The Frame.

Kate had taken those photos with her smartphone (crazy, right?) of a weekend she had afresh with her family. Acutely we anticipation they were so admirable and of advance adapted for the location.

A few reminders about The Anatomy :

If you are new to this alternation afresh there are few things you should know:

http://blog.bhhsneproperties.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/home … | home decor before and after photos

The affidavit for its abundance are all-inclusive and i’m borderline what is my favorite. I accept the #1 acumen to opt for this TV is because it looks like a allotment of art due to the baby bevel, alike ascent and aerial affection adumbration display. We’ve been cat-and-mouse decades for this TV and I abiding am not disappointed.

I apperceive that best of you are assertive of the abundance of the artefact and no charge to blitz out and alter your altogether acceptable TV. But if you are in the market, I acutely acclaim The Anatomy with all of my heart, with every ounce of my soul, with all the aplomb of a artist who has been bedeviled by the ‘black box’ for too abounding years.

Let the anarchy begin. Booty aback your active room. Save your marriage. This TV is the approaching and acknowledge God it’s not in our present (and comes abate now!!! – 43”, 55” and 66” which is what we acclimated in the makeovers).

Now for the blow of the room. Although afore I move from the bookshelf attempt I capital to point out that the shelf was absolutely the aforementioned shelf we acclimated in the barn, aloof repainted. I don’t bethink what we had planned for that wall, beneath the TV but I anticipate it was activity to be arid and aback the TV would be our money attempt and the acumen we were all there, we bare it to feel appropriate so alike admitting it’s a simple bookshelf it was a abundant calibration for the TV and the books added a lot of amore and appearance to that ancillary of the room.

It was such a bewitched allowance to be in, with the baptize absorption bouncing off the ceiling.

The dining breadth was such a admirable abode to be. It was actually adapted on the water, anxiety abroad from this attractive lake.

If it’s not bright yet you should apperceive that I am a lake/river affectionate of person. It’s not that I don’t acknowledge the adorableness of the ocean, but abundant adopt the acquaintance and the copse that beleaguer a basin in the mountains like this. This is my dream breadth – calm apple-pie baptize in which to attack and angle but no advance or sharks.

We alloyed two Ikea chairs with the alike added accidental folding bamboo administrator chairs, forth a argumentative paint, cartel I say ‘shabby chic?’ busy dining table.

The checky banderole by Louise Gray was the absolute ‘modern nautical’ allotment for the Boathouse. I’ve been a huge fan of her assignment for a while and was so blessed to be able to use it in a shoot, finally. The pendant light  is a avant-garde farmhouse/industrial allotment from Ikea (crazy cheap) and that admirable rug is from Serena and Lily. We alloyed a few altered rugs in this allowance and they all looked abundant calm (see artefact lath at the end).

We brought in my admired Target Cabinet and abounding it abounding of appealing dishes from Canvas Home for entertaining. I adulation how it reflected the baptize and brought a lot of movement to that ancillary of the room.

The herringbone table lamp and assumption mirror are additionally from Target, abutting to the MQuan Ceramic Chain Links and Blue Stripe Vase. We were cutting so fast (2 hours at sunrise, afore aggregation got there and 2 hours afterwards they wrapped) so there are so abounding tiny little capacity I ambition I had time to fix – the bond on the lampshade, the actuality that the teapot and the bullpen curve up, the hardly asleep branches … it aloof kills me, and of advance I feel accountable to point them out, but it does not abate my adulation for this amazing space. And a huge acknowledge you to Genevieve and Brady for scrambling with me to get these shots afore sunset.

This aftermost vignette wasn’t planned, but already we got the exclusive in there we accomplished we had a appropriate bulk of amplitude abaft it in which to fill.

Before And After Decorating Pictures! | home decor before and after photos

So we did what anyone would do – added a best peacock chair, some fur and a archetypal animate abounding of books and appealing accessories.

We layered the article sheepskin pelts over a simple Target rug and added a brace lamps.

We addressed the outside, mostly because I capital to get some appealing shots of that attractive location. We kept it simple with some cobweb chairs, textiles, lanterns and plants.

The breadth was a dream. Alive with Kate was aloof wonderful. I apperceive you ability not accept this but I LOVED alive with every distinct one of the designers/bloggers/artists in altered ways. Our job is awe-inspiring and while I adhere out with added agreeable creators in LA I rarely accommodated so abounding of them in being whom I chase online. Kate (and all of them) is such a smart, accomplished and artistic being that knows what she is accomplishing and yet admits that she doesn’t (because let’s face it, none of us apperceive what we are accomplishing in this crazy apple of amusing content).

But I attending appealing air-conditioned and calm here. I’m sitting by a lake, accomplished with four appealing massive makeovers air-conditioned annoyed with wrapping up this job.

A huge acknowledgment to Barbarian (Peet and Lee you artistic genius’ and Joe, Jennifer, Emily, Alex, Junhoon, and Nicole) for cerebration up and active this alarming attack for a TV.

But afresh again, I anticipate i’ve accurate over the advance of these episodes that it’s not aloof a TV. The Anatomy is art and function, adorableness and technology and can about-face any amplitude into a abode to adhere – alike a Boathouse, on a basin afterwards authoritative it a “TV room”. In fact, I’d say that conceivably with the apparatus of The Anatomy that the “TV room” is asleep and moot. Abiding you can accept a allowance that is added comfortable, added comfortable with lots of abysmal seating. But by this allotment of technology attractive like a allotment of art or (or ancestors photo) and yet accepting 4k acute TV functions it absolutely can assignment anywhere.

I’m so blessed to advertise that ONE of you will win a 65″ The Anatomy (just like you accept apparent in all the makeovers)!!!! Comment on today’s instagram, facebook or blog column with the hashtag #EHDTheFrame and acquaint us breadth you would put it. If you appetite any added access screenshot the photo from today’s instagram and repost it to your insta augment (make abiding to use the hashtag so we can clue your entry). We’ll accept a champ on Wednesday, December 6th, and ability out to them directly.

*Many of our admired companies loaned for this 3 day shoot an we’d adulation to acknowledge them. Serena and Lily, Dash and Albert, MQuan, Pom Pom at Home, Canvas Home, Louise Gray, Interior Define, Article, Rejuvenation, West Elm, Rebecca Atwood.

**A huge acknowledgment to our columnist Geneieve Garruppo for demography such admirable afterwards photos, with us in such a abbreviate bulk of time.

***And acknowledge you to the consistently admirable Agata Helena for the admirable beard and makeup.

****Video by Alchemy X, directed by EJ McLeavy-Fisher.

before and after room makeovers | Makeover home edition … | home decor before and after photos

*****The ‘ReFrame Your Space’ attack is the ability of Barbarian. Acknowledgment to anybody on their aggregation that fabricated this such a admirable artistic experience.

1. Rattan Ancillary Table | 2. White Tassel Throw | 3. Marble Tray | 4. Daybed | 5. Homer Rug | 6. ‘X’ Quilt | 7. Covering Coffee Table | 8. Accustomed Stripe Attic Pillow | 9. Dejected Attic Pillow | 10. Dejected Ombre Pillow | 11. Dash Stripe Pillow | 12. Samsung The Anatomy TV | 13. Copse Hook | 14. Bowl Beads | 15. Peacock Chair (similar) | 16. Bowl Bank Hanging (similar) | 17. Dejected Woven Rug | 18. Sheepskin | 19. Ample Assumption Annular Mirror | 20. Marble Stripe Pillow | 21. Accustomed Throw Blanket | 22. Copse Attic Lamp | 23. Pink Velvet Pillow (similar) | 24. Stripe Lumbar Pillow | 25. Cobweb Stool | 26. Dejected Cobweb Basket Set | 27. Dinner Plate | 28. Bowl | 29. Mug | 30. Pendant Ablaze | 31. Dejected Stripe Vase | 32. Bowl Links (similar) | 33. Sun and Moon Pillow | 34. White Stripe Throw | 35. Gray Table Lamp | 36. 6″ Assumption Candlestick (similar) | 37. 9″ Assumption Candlestick (similar) | 38. 3″ Assumption Candlestick (similar) | 39. Dining Table (similar) | 40. Fabric Dining Armchair | 41. Stripe Throw | 42. Dot and Dash Pillow | 43. folding bamboo administrator chairs (similar) | 44. Tan Rug | 45. Assumption Mirror | 46. Cobweb Basket | 47. Herringbone Table Lamp | 48. Library Cabinet

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