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The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter

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Carolyn & Lauren

Hello! and welcome to our blog.  A while back, we – Lauren/daughter and Carolyn/mom – joined efforts to discuss our reasons for trying to achieve a simpler life.  While both of us have spent the majority of our lives in the Fort Worth/Dallas area, we now live in a small town in the Texoma area of north Texas.  We had actually hoped that living in a smaller town would automatically bring a slower pace to our lives.  But guess what?  It is still the same 40 hours that get crowded with family responsibilities, jobs and well…life.  We figured out that if we wanted simpler lives, we were going to have to create them with our choices.  So that is what we are pursuing and sharing with you – our thoughts, our how-to’s, and our experiences about living simpler lives in our small town.

We really believe that a simpler lifestyle brings balance, it provides joy and it highlights those precious moments that are the fibers of these lives we lead.  By keeping it simple our efforts align with less consumerism, saving money, making room for creativity and play and having a gentle footprint on the environment.  So we would love for you to share our journey, and that includes our successes and failures, and be a part of our conversation.

Together we can all create rewarding lives based on the beauty of simplicity!

xo, Carolyn & Lauren

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  1. I love this! I have never followed a blog before. Haven’t even really read one. This one will be followed. I love the lessons mama taught us! The simple things in life.