Small Town Simple

The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter

When the Quiet Rushes In

There’s a kind of hush…the snow falls.  The quiet descends.  The light hovers between daylight and night – a deep gray that can only be matched by ocean’s depths.  For all the things we think we can control, the sky isn’t one of them. Texas weather is typically noisy.  Winds howl.  Hailstorms pound.  Thunderstorms boom.  But […]

Turning Off & Tuning Out

The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.  Albert Einstein  The idea behind living a minimalist life is to embrace those and that which we love and enjoy and rid ourselves of the extraneous that clutters our lives.  And that idea will be lived a little differently by everyone of us and rightly so.  While we […]

The Next Book You Should Read

We all know that books are my go to past time. I read in the morning before work, I read at lunch, I read before bed and then fall asleep about 15 minutes later. I absolutely love devouring a good story or new information. And when a book has me really thinking and questioning some […]