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Let’s Talk Honey

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about trying to buy more real food vs. the processed stuff that grocery store chains so heartily stock on their store shelves.  The food topic was cheese and the fillers used to keep shredded cheese from sticking.  Since I wrote that particular piece, I’ve suddenly come across several articles (via magazines […]

The Search For Real Food

I caught a bit of news the other day regarding parmesan cheese.  The television segment indicated that much of the shredded cheese sold on our stores shelves contains wood pulp.  To hear the reporters talk, we have been chowing down on wood shavings!  While I knew this news article was meant to create some shock along with some […]

Weekly Essentials – Sick Days

This last week knocked me on my rear end with an upper-respiratory infection.  Tissues and cough drops galore, I am finally feeling human again.  Here are a few things that kept me going throughout the week. These lilies – to brighten my day. This notebook – for jotting down random thoughts. A good book – […]