Small Town Simple

The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter

The Earth Laughs In Flowers

When rhetoric swirls above our heads, when discontent is reported…  we have choices.  To lift our heads up and be polite. Or not.   Remember our manners and say please and thank you.  Or not. Stop and help someone.  Or not.  Be generous, especially in spirit.  Or not. Laugh.  Laugh some more.  Smile.  And make eye contact with that smile. Do […]

Dinosaur Tails

  We stomped through the grass.  We stomped on the bridge.  We played with the leaves and the sticks.  We made sure to give our biggest dinosaur roar. This year’s costume made my heart sing.  He requested to be a dinosaur and I delivered.  Bad sewing skills and all, I made the spikes and the […]

A More Simple Time of Year

November begins.  The light of day shortens.  The moon is bigger, brighter, golden.  We feel the movement towards winter, our season where we hunker down a bit.  Move inward instead of outward.  A time of rest. Of course, we know there are those that want us to do the exact opposite.  They want us to move out of […]