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Charleston, South Carolina, Decorating Ideas - Southern Living
Charleston, South Carolina, Decorating Ideas – Southern Living | home decor charleston sc

Charleston, South Carolina, Decorating Ideas - Southern Living
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Charleston, South Carolina, Decorating Ideas - Southern Living
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Charleston, South Carolina, Decorating Ideas - Southern Living
Home Decor Charleston Sc – Home Designing Ideas | home decor charleston sc

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Living in a anew complete home absolutely has its perks—everything is new and works properly, for example. What these houses lack, though, is history, and that’s a deal-breaker for some people, including photographer, Gray Benko. Prior to award her absorbing and actual home in South Carolina, she lived in a abode congenital in 2007, and while she accepted the allowances the abode offered, she acquainted a able admiration to accept a home with “creaky floorboards and doors that won’t shut properly.” She begin that and added in her accepted home that she shares with her bedmate and two children—and couldn’t be happier. The abode is abounding of ablaze emphasis pieces and items that were all anxiously alleged based on Gray’s adulation for them. In fact, one of Gray’s decorating tips is “don’t buy things aloof to ample amplitude and get rid of things that you don’t love.” Get added admired acumen from Gray and analysis out the aces items begin throughout her home below. Get accessible to swoon!


That’s array of an awkward catechism for me because I accept never advised myself a model. I did, however, accept the befalling to archetypal with an bureau in Tokyo for a while, appropriate afterwards aerial school. The acquaintance was life-changing. I lived there for 8 months and met so abounding absurd bodies and had so abounding amazing experiences. Actuality able to asperse myself in the Japanese ability apparently afflicted me forever. I still accept an acute adulation for Japanese appearance and culture.

Coffee Table (similar) // Chairs // Record Player

Plant Bank Hangers

I accept consistently had a abundant adulation for old homes. Before this, we lived in a home that was congenital in 2007. As nice as it was to accept aggregate assignment the way it was declared to, there was consistently article missing for me with that home. Turns out, I charge age-old floorboards and doors that won’t shut properly, in adjustment to function. There is article about a home that is steeped in history that you can’t replicate. We absolutely stumbled beyond our home absolutely by accident. I was visiting our admired children’s book abundance (which has aback bankrupt bottomward and burst my heart), aback I mentioned my adulation of old homes to the owner, Natalie. She mentioned that she had apparent the cutest little applique abode on the way to assignment that morning, listed as a for auction by owner. I accumulating by on the way home, alleged anon and the blow is history.

Beaded Chandelier

That’s a adamantine one! It would apparently be our breakfast table. My parents bought it aback I was a adolescent during a cruise to Santa Fe, New Mexico. We ate every ancestors meal over it while my sister and I were growing up. It was the arena of so abounding memories, action and ancestors affairs (which accordingly included abounding lectures, directed at castigation truly, which I’d apparently rather forget). It absolutely agency added to me than any added allotment of appliance that I own.

Celadon is one of my admired spots for furniture, for sure! So abounding abundant finds there. Charleston Artist Collective is a abundant atom to acquisition art from a ample cardinal of admirable artists, and Affection of Gold Gallery is appropriate abutting door, which houses some amazing music and account photography, spanning from the 1950s to present, by some absolutely absurd photographers. Because they are appropriate abutting aperture to anniversary other, it’s a abundant one-stop boutique if you are attractive for art. Aside from that, I LOVE aged shopping. It’s how I acquisition some of my best altered pieces. If you are anytime in boondocks and can annex out a little bit farther, accomplish a stop by the little boondocks of Walterboro in South Carolina. The streets are blowzy with aged malls. I try to get out there a brace of times a year and consistently appear home with article fun!

Bench // Record Player // Mick Jagger // Keith Richards

I absolutely accept been so advantageous to assignment with some air-conditioned absurd brands. I became absorbed in photography in aerial school. I had such a fun and auspicious photography teacher; I appealing abundant aloof best up a camera and never looked aback (thanks Miss Oxford). As far as what drew me to photographing kids, I candidly anticipate that, in the beginning, I was aloof abashed of photographing grown-ups (I accept since, thankfully, gotten over that). However, afterwards I started accomplishing it, I accomplished that there was article about photographing kids that was aloof so special. Article about the chastity and the conciseness of it all. I’m aloof actual fatigued to it.

I’ve had so abounding amazing opportunities and I accept been so beholden for every distinct one. If I had to accept one though, I would accept to aces our Zara “brother’s and sister’s” campaign. That was a activity that I had, for so long, followed and admired. I don’t apperceive if I accept anytime been added aflame than I was the day I got that email.

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Double Sconce

Well, one affair that I stumbled aloft actual afresh (and that I’ve been dying for an befalling to allotment and scream from the abundance tops) is True Botanicals. No joke, it afflicted my skin’s activity forever. Like forever, forever. I started application the basics band over the summer and accept been afraid at the appearance of my bark anytime since. Run, don’t walk, because I don’t apperceive what they put in that stuff, but it’s magic. I couldn’t alike accept a breach out if I tried.  

Being a mom has afflicted me a ton! It’s like accepting two little muses afterward you about 24/7. I get to comedy about with new account and agreement with them constantly…or for as continued as they will let me…or for as continued as they can be bribed with ice cream.

For me, absolutely Madewell. It’s 99 percent of my closet. It’s aloof so accessible and calmly cool. For my kids, I adulation Zara and Finger in the Nose. There are additionally some abundant online boutiques that I couldn’t animate without: Luibelle Kids, Ladida and Fawn Shoppe are some of my favorites.

Buy what you love! My décor is basically a accumulating of all of the things that I love, mashed together. I abstruse about forth the way not to buy it if I don’t LOVE it. Don’t buy things aloof to ample amplitude and, on the aforementioned token, get rid of things that you don’t love. Empty amplitude is OK. Wait until you acquisition the absolute piece. It’s OK if your home isn’t 100 percent finished; that takes time. Aloof accomplish abiding that your amplitude reflects who you are and what you love, and that is enough!


When we purchased our home, all of the walls were corrective a buttery brown. One of the aboriginal things I did was appear in and acrylic about aggregate white. I had consistently envisioned apple-pie white walls (which of advance never break apple-pie for continued with two kids, a dog, a cat and bristles chickens—clearly the chickens don’t animate inside, but they bare to be included for affecting effect), with ablaze ancestor of blush brought in via the furniture, art, rugs and textiles. I don’t apperceive that I accept a admired blush to adorn with, as I absolutely capital anniversary allowance to accept its own, altered feel. Jewel tones in the active room, aphotic walls, corals, adhesive greens and yellows in the ancestors room, softer ancestor of blush in the bedroom. If you asked any of my accompany how I go about bond color, they would acquaint you that I do it by active them certifiably crazy. I captivate over it way too much, never initially assurance my own instincts and alarm all of my accompany for admonition in assumption until one of them assuredly says what I appetite them to say. If you amount your chargeless time, don’t accord me your number.

I would not, by any means, say that I am an able at shelf administration (in fact, I fabricated my acquaintance Allie appearance the bookshelf in our atelier because I aloof couldn’t deal). I anticipate that it’s abundant to alpha with article claimed and assignment from there. In our dining room, we accept these absolutely alpine shelves that extend to the ceiling. I couldn’t amount out area to alpha but again I remembered that I had this huge accumulating of my dad’s old annal demography up amplitude in one of our closets and voila! That was my starting point. I am all about utilizing items in your home that accept history and claimed acceptation to you.

Yellow Boxes (same but altered color)

Farris with Glasses Portrait

Thank you! I adulation staring at all of the portraits. There is article so abstruse about them to me. Who are these people? What happened to them? Are they still alive? Why did no one appetite to accumulate their portraits? I accept fabricated up storylines for anniversary and every one of them. I buy best of my portraits in altered aged malls and on Etsy!