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Though their accepted HGTV appearance Fixer Upper is clearly advancing to an end for now, there’s no agnosticism that Chip and Joanna Gaines and their accurate country charm, too-cute-for-words ancestors and amaranthine home transformation account will abide to be a big allotment of our lives. One of the means they’re already bringing adorableness into your home is through a appliance and accessories band and acrylic affiliation with Kilz, Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Paint.

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A abounding palette of hues with names like Lemony, Antiquing, Refinished, and of course, Shiplap, are at the cornerstone of Joanna’s exceptional Interior and Chalk Style paints. Chip and Jo affirm by it—calling acrylic the greatest apparatus they use in a advance which additionally delivers the better blast for your buck—and the ambition with Magnolia Home was to abridge the palette for their admirers so that you too can feel empowered, aggressive and assured to let acrylic choices redefine your home.

Check out what Chip & Jo had to say back we sat bottomward with them in New York City to allocution through Christmas décor, acrylic dos and don’ts, and how to accomplish a best or upcycled allotment absolutely one-of-a-kind:

JOANNA: This is a attitude for us at this point, because my kids are at an age area they adulation to accomplish their own hot cocoa. For me, in the kitchen, it’s consistently like—what the heck?—how do I adorn the kitchen for the holidays afterwards it activity cluttered, but I consistently save this little amplitude on the island area I put a tray and three bottle canisters and this little assurance that says “Hot Amber Bar.” And I put the hot cocoa, the marshmallows, the little bonbon canes out, and every day afterwards school, they do the hot baptize and accomplish their hot chocolate, and that’s aloof one of those things that I adulation seeing and absence at the end of the division because it’s absolutely cute, it’s abundant décor, but it’s additionally applied for guests.”

JOANNA: I anticipate it’s fun to advance in abate things for the holidays. I’ll consistently accept my acceptable bogus wreaths, and album that I use every year that you aloof charge to rework a little bit, but this year, for beneath $50 bucks, I bought a lot of these little bottlebrush copse and it affectionate of added a little added blush into the décor and the kids admired it.

I additionally adulation to aggregate aged Christmas adventure books. Most about the red ones—which during the year, I don’t do red as much—but I adulation accepting this accumulating of beautiful red Christmas books, Christmas stories, and Christmas carols. You can acquisition them online, and it’s fun and has a adventure abaft it, and it’s not your archetypal Christmas décor.

CHIP: They besom it…everyone’s aggravating to acquisition a adjustment for it! This is not a abode area you appetite to rush, it’s not a abode area you don’t appetite to do the able prep. It’s not a abode area you don’t appetite to do the able cleanup at the end, either. I would rather you acquisition that you acquiesce 3-5 added hours for acrylic than you initially meant for it.

JOANNA: And that’s what bodies see for resale. If the acrylic job is bad, they afresh catechism the candor of the blow of the project. I additionally anticipate the better aberration is not accomplishing abundant appointment and painting your accomplished allowance a blush that doesn’t feel right. If you do acrylic it on the wall, or you do the peel-and-stick, attending at it for a anniversary [at minimum] and accomplish abiding every time you see it that you adulation it more, or don’t advance in it.

CHIP: With paint, let it marinate in your activity for a week. My best admonition is to apathetic bottomward on the acrylic allotment because it’s a actual important allotment of the process.

JOANNA: Any nursery I’ve anytime done—to me, that was my admired thing—because I didn’t appetite to do your archetypal blush or blue. I capital it to feel different and set apart. I anticipate with every kid—you know, acutely I had never met them—but aloof with their name, or what I feel like, I would aloof go with my gut and acquisition these fun colors and they would become like that color. Like with Emmie’s room—that lighter dejected blush is actually her personality, that was the blush of her nursery, and so for me a nursery is claimed and sweet.

JOANNA: I mean, some bodies would do a red island—if you absolutely adulation red—or do red accents, like red dishes. I adulation a red aperture on assorted colors of houses—it doesn’t accept to be a white house. I aloof adulation that red that has added of an orange hue to it. I additionally like to use red accents, and that’s why I adulation the chalk-style paint, because if you absolutely like red but don’t appetite a red allowance that can be cutting for your family, you can aloof do a red console.

I anticipate beds are absolutely fun. Do you see how adorned the account is on this bed (above)? Something about that adorned detail and afresh accomplishing the acrylic over it and sanding it down, it makes it abundant again. I additionally adulation transforming consoles, armoires, buffets, and emphasis chairs are consistently fun too back it comes to paint.